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Pins & Needles Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio Questions and Answers


What will your hours be?

** Our hours will be the same. Monday-Saturday 12-9pm and Sunday 12-8pm. We are all done with all procedures one hour before close. 


Can I bring a friend with me while I get a procedure done?

** Unfortunately you can not bring anyone with you. We are only allowed so many people in the shop at one time. So please come alone. EXCEPTION- if you are a minor please see COVID-19 regulations.


How do I make an appointment for a tattoo/piercing?

** Please refer to our COVID-19 Regulations. If you have any further questions give us a call at 508-586-8287 after Monday June 22nd. 


Are you taking walk ins for tattoos and piercings?

** Technically No. We are taking daily appointments first come first serve. 


What if I had an appointment and it got canceled due to COVID-19?

** Please be patient. All of our artist are in the process of reaching out to everyone to reschedule. 


What if I haven’t heard from my artist to reschedule and its been 2 weeks?

** Please give us a call at 508-586-8287.


Are you doing oral procedures?

** No oral piercing’s, changes, or tattooing will be done at this time. 


I want to get a tattoo or piercing today is that possible?

** We will book in person appointments each day until there are no more appointments available. Each day these appointments will start over.  


My ID is expired can I use it?

** No you can not use an expired ID. We only except a valid ID for any tattoo or body piercing.


I want to be first in line, what time should I show up?

** We open 7 days a week at 12pm. Please do not be any earlier than 11:30am. 







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