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All Production Piercings are $45, including jewelry, and aftercare product. Exceptions to this price are specialty piercings such as the industrial ($60) Specialty Piercings such as Smiley, Triple Helix, Daith Heart, and many more ($60-$120) surface piercings ($60),

Microdermals (1-$80, 2-$140, 3-$200) and genital piercings ($90). 

We have a full range of body jewelry, and retainers, as well as aftercare products. 

Between all our talented artists we can accommodate almost any style tattoo.  Prices are set by the artist upon discussing the tattoo with the client.  These prices are some of the best in the south shore.  We cannot give out prices over the phone or via the internet.

Our Shop Minimum for Tattoos is $80 which includes our aftercare product.


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